You've Got Someone in Your Corner

You've Got Someone in Your Corner

We offer client advisory programs to help you heal physically and mentally

Homelessness can take a toll on a person's physical and psychological health. Randy Sams Outreach Shelter, Inc conducts client advisory programs to help you better provide for your needs. For this program, we'll discuss your goals and find out where you want to be in the next 90 days. We also offer:

  • Physical and mental health appointment assistance.
  • Prescription Medication Assistance
  • Identity document assistance. If you don't have a picture ID or any other form of personal documentation, we'll help you get one so you can complete housing and job applications.
  • And Much More
Our team will do everything we can to help you regain your confidence and live a stable life.

Call 903-792-7024 to find out how you can assist our homeless shelter residents in Texarkana, TX.

We'll give you the counsel you need

Randy Sams Outreach Shelter wants to help you during this difficult time. Our staff is more than happy to talk with you. We'll provide you with the rehabilitation services you need so you can readjust to society.

Visit our shelter in Texarkana, TX today to get the help you need.